Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mmmm mmm Good

  I don't think I can breathe from all the food that has been consumed today. Just one of those days when all I wanted to do was cook, and bake. Then eat of course because eating what I've created is the best part. Here's a breakfast pizza super easy to make.

Pizza dough of course you can find easy recipes anywhere.
Sun dried pesto sauce combined with a cabernet marinara
16. oz of whole milk ricotta cheese
3 tbls of parmesan cheese
2-3 eggs
Your choice of toppings
I used sundried tomatoes, spinach leaves, basil, red peppers and onions.

preheat to 550 place pizza stone or baking sheet upside down in oven.

crack eggs in ramekin set aside till pizza is ready to go in the oven.

Roll out dough on floured surface.
Place dough on top of parchment paper and add all your ingredients.

Place in the oven and cook for 5-10 minutes. Watch carefully!
Hope you enjoy I know I did!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Them and Me

As of late I've been forcing myself to spend more time outside. I mean I love the outdoors especially being in Florida and living two blocks from the intracoastal you'd think it give me the motivation to be outside constantly. I mean the boys spend hours in the backyard after Keegan gets home from school, and I'm usually taking advantage and cleaning inside. But it wasn't till recently that we have been on walks, runs, adventures, and up to no good almost everyday. Today we ditched the stroller and I had the boys walk on our little escapade. I was cleaning the kitchen with the windows open and felt that amazing florida breeze and had the idea "walking and carvel". Threw shoes on the kiddos and myself and headed out the door. There is something about spontaneous adventures that make them so much more exciting and fun. I mean an Ice cream cone definitely helps the situation as well.
  It's hard to be spontaneous when you have so much going on and hearing Keegan's teachers continuosly tell parents about routine, routine, routine. The evenings it's just me and the boy's and Ive gotten really good on keeping our routine but I mean come on I'm an artist a Sagitarious and we yearn for spontaneity. So once in a blue moon we'll break away from our daily routine and do something exciting. Maybe a walk doesn't seem like a whole lot of fun to most but these boys LOVE the outdoors and any reason to be outside. We get our daily walk with me pushing them in a stroller and me fast paced walking or jogging. For the boys it's nice just not as exciting as getting to run free down the sidewalk. There is something so wonderful about watching children that are completely in love with the moment and what their experiencing at the time. Keegan is the type of child that you can tell how he's feeling at all times. He could be happy, sad or in a state of bliss and you would know. Walks with him where he has some freedom to run and explore bring me such joy. Watching him makes me appreciate nature and its beauty because he finds everything so wonderful and magical. When he was younger he used to have such an obsession with flowers. I mean a true obsession. He would pick a daisy or a dandelion and it would be cemented in his hand all day and at times he'd fall asleep with  one still in his grasp. Looking forward to tomorrow and our little walk. Today we took a 2 hour walk and it was such a great time. Love my boys and grateful for the time I get with them.
Here's a couple hehe well maybe more than a couple photos from our walk.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Potty Training

 So yesterday Rian and I had our first parent teacher conference at Keegan's school. Talk about weird and serious realization that our kids aren't babies anymore. They are growing up so fast and I'm not okay with that. I feel like it was yesterday that I was bringing Keegan home to meet Dylan. At the same time though I feel like I've known my children for ages. If that makes any sense. At  the parent teacher conference lots of things where discussed. His behavior in school, how he's transitioning from one task to the next, his interaction with other kids as well as Potty training.
  I was completely overwhelmed at first by the thought of starting potty training with Keegan. It's very different in training children with autism opposed to other children, or maybe it has been just for me I don't know. I know with Dylan we began potty training a little before he had turned 2 and it was a breeze. I mean it's a lot easier when the child can tell you when it's time to use the restroom. Obvioulsy, with Keegan it's not that way so figuring out the best way to train him has been a group effort. We've been working on this since the begining of January.I had it in my mind that I would have him on the toilet with no help before winter break was over. Well that didn't happen and I'm not ashamed of that. Something's take time and some children develop at a different rate then others and that's okay too. For the past couple of weeks at school and at home its been where we put keegan on the potty every 15 minutes. Its the same routine everytime, I take his hand let him know we are using the potty and walk him to the bathroom. Its important that we stick to the same routine at home that he has at school so he doesn't become confused. I'd say that he is doing brilliantly, and I may be a little proud of myself as well. Stopping every 15 minutes to go to the restroom gets a tad old I'll be honest but Keegan is my priority and I'll do whatever it takes to help him progess in life. Even if it is just a little potty training :). We have had all dry underwears for the past couple days in this house and I am one proud mama! Next is to get him to take a number 2 on the toilet then we can really celebrate!!! woot woot!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My First Born

              I found out over the weekend that one of my very Best Friends is expecting.
Made me kind of think about when I was expecting for the first time. The mixed emotions, the complete and total terror of it all at such a young age. Asking myself so many questions. Being overwhelmed with the thought of a child and then being sat down by my in laws to go through with an abortion.
  Dylan was obviously not planned but man he was the best surprise Ive ever had. Honestly, it makes me tear up just thinking about the first time I saw him. It was like all the fear and doubt was replaced with confidence, and love and an overwhemling sense of warmth. I remember the day so perfectly. It was September 19th, 2009 and I had slept in the hospital the night beofre because I was planned to be induced. I did not sleep a wink that night and I don't think Rian did either (obviously very normal). It was around 9am that my Dr. came into break my water and wow what a weird an awesome feeling that was. Nothing like what I was expecting but I actually found it so interesting. I mean by the look of that long stick with a hook on the end I was assuming the worse, but turned out to be not so bad.
 The contractions pretty much started and became intense right away. I wrote this long extensive birth plan out and I didnt stick to not one thing on there except doing everything all natural. No epidural for this teen mom!
Accompanying me in the room was my boyfriend (now spouse), my mother and later came in her Best friend Susan. If you know me and you know me well you know how I can be a tad bit on the spicy side. Especially when stress or pain or hunger is involved and I was going through all of that at once.
 It's so funny when people ask you what the pain is like but to be honest I don't even think words could even describe the amount of pain you go through while in labor. Just imagine a small human bien trying to make its way out of your body I mean literally pushing aside organs and moving downwards. Not pleasant at ALL!!!!! I was in labor for about 8 hours, some of which I spent throwing up on Rian or yelling at my mother who was having a ball with my nurses while I was writhing in pain. It was the last hour that I  felt like I was going to die. I had no doubt that it was the end and I had no idea why I ever decided to not get an epidural (I was out of my damn mind)! But then it was time to push holy hell! Of course with being an OBGYN your not always there to deliver your own patients and of course mine wasnt there.In struts this little tiny women with her pink heels and all done up and the first thing she does is reaches for a scapal and prepares to cut. She didnt have any clue that I had all feeling in my lower region and was about to give me an episiotmy with out numbing any of the area (too much info?probably). Well she took care of that and I think I pushed for about 45 minutes to an hr and 1..2..3.. out came this beautiful baby boy. The tears started flowing I mean the look on my mothers face who was face first in my crotch so she saw the WHOLE thing was beaming. But the thing I remember the most was Rian and what my mother had said about him "It was like Ive never truly seen Rian until now, like a light just washed over him and he was a new person". Growing up is hard but when you are forced to be an adult when you  are still meant to be children its a challenge. Dylan changed my life but also Rians. He brought lightness to where there was so much darkness and bitterness.
  So many people tried and tried to turn me to change my mind about going through with keeping the baby in my first trimester but I knew I just knew that this was the right thing. I have made SO many mistakes and disappointed so many people. I find myself often trying to prove people wrong, but that was a decision I made for myself to keep Dylan. Im 24 and still in complete shock that I have not only one child but two. Sometimes we can take those irresponsible choices and make them into something great. God always always has a plan and yes he hopes we always make the right choice but he knew me and he knew that I could handle this and I did and still am.
  Dylan  has grown into one of the brightest 4 year olds I know. He knows names of Dinosaurs that seriously I  can not even  pronounce. He remebers things to the detail even things  from two years ago. He is smart and witty and confident and has the biggest heart. He loves all and has the best parts of Rian and I. I love him dearly and can not wait to see him grow into an even more amazing young man. I hope always to have an irreplaceable bond with him.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And now the Living room


  So, as the New Year started I promised myself I'd take more of an effort getting things done around the house. I knew I couldn't do everything at once, so I planned to do one room a month. This month I'm concentrating on the Living room which just happens to be my favorite space in the house.
 Its the space where I do a lot of my creating, my thinking and the very few naps I get.
 I've got a very long list of things I want to do in this room. Many of which are DIY projects which also makes it a little bit easier on the husband to let me go through with everything. So here's some of the things I've attempted already and really really want to do...

    *Paint one of the walls in a stone gray chevron
    *Re paint turquoise sewing desk- turn it a little more retro
    *Get B&W family photos printed and hung on entry way wall
    * New Black and white art deco rug
   *Velvet sage green or yellow or possibly gray slip covers for both couches
   *Fabric for new pillows
   *Indoor plants/orchid
   *Branch centerpiece with lights hanging through out
   *Bits of vintage and retro pieces hanging through wall space
   *Large black white white charcoal piece

  So the list goes on and on and I can't wait till the room is all finished and exactly how I like it. I'm that kind of person that I need things to be done right away. If not I don't feel settled and at home. Its taking me many rentals to finally do things the right and more realistic way. Taking my time has taken A LOT of control and I'm very happy with they way I'm doing things now. I can finally have things done properly and not break our bank account in the process. There's nothing better then enjoying your home and feeling proud about where you live. Yes it seems ridiculous but I rather enjoy doing all of these home projects. It's really the creating part that I enjoy most. Creating is where I find a lot of my happiness. I also think it makes a difference to the kids in a way. It wasn't till we moved into our current home that I saw the biggest change in Keegan. I like to believe that its because it feels like a real home.
 Well now that I've gone on on a long tangent I'm going to get back to finishing painting. More pictures to come. Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Steaven & Kacey's recption

Steaven & Kacey Mckenzie
  With the new year already a month down and the many adventures I have lined up for my boys and I I cant help but to think about how this month was spent. Already we've had family members falling out with one another, marriages were celebrated, new opportunites presented itself and an abundance of laughter and love has been shared.
 The start of this month was greeted by the arrival of my brother and his new wife Kacey. Who couldn't be more perfect of a fit for this odd and wonderful family of mine. Makes me think back to when Rian and I said our I do's it had a very different feel to it then Steaven and Kacey's. Mine was more of terror and anxiousness. With out a doubt one of my happiest moments but lord if you could have seen Rian and myself god we were so young and looked so petrified.
  Anywho I wanted to share some of the wonderful photos from the evening with everyone, becuase it was a true blissful and intimate evening. Mom and I literally pulled everything together in less then 24 hrs. We wanted to do something that was Steaven and Kacey which by the way they live on acres upon acres of land in MI. They live with three wild and rambuctious dogs, a cat and well wildlife. He's got a tractor out front and lots of ideas for farming and farm animals. My idea was a rustic meets shabby chic kind of evening. Most everything was a DIY decor piece; because you know how I love my DIY projects. The desserts were made by yours truly and many of our family members as well as Steaven who is a chef prepared all the appetizers. You couldn't have asked for better food, better group of people and a better way to celebrate their new life.
  I only hope that they always share the same love and adoration for eachother always. As a married couple it is not easy to go threw this life but its less easy when your going threw it alone. Those of us who have found our other piece our other half have it pretty darn good if you ask me.

Hope you enjoy a little look into our evening



  I think the best way to start off any week is with encouragement. There is nothing like taking even a minute out of your day to shoot an upflifting text or to just tell someone you care about that you love them. With age in my opinion it gets harder and more difficlut to make friends but not just aquaintances but fellow kindred spirits. Which  is why I am so grateful to a friend of mine who constantly shows me unconditional love and support. Its rare when you can find someone that knows you and knows the good and bad and still wants to be around you.
 I've had many problems with previous relationships with friends. Some are still around and others well it just didn't last. I'm not the easiest person to love. I'm incredibly sensitive and my expectations are high. I guess sometimes I don't leave room for failure and thats something Im working on.
  Marietta and I met in middle school. She was in 6th grade and I 7th. We were inseperable even though we often fought it was more like sisters. As we grew and went our seperate ways in high school we kind of grew apart, but my love for her never changed. She's been that friend were you can not see each other for months even years and be reunited and nothing has changed between you.
  It wasn't until the birth of her daughter Riley that we really started to talk again and from then on our relationship has grown even stronger and we've become more close. She's my family we do church, outings, play dates and We often cry together. I never feel judged or ashamed of being me with her. People say you have one soul mate but I dont think that's not true. I think that yes you find a soul mate in your partener/spouse, but also in your girlfriends.

 I often challenge myself to encourage people daily or weekly. Sometimes it is a text, sometimes its a phone call or a little gift. I think as women we need to encourage our girlfriends more and even women we don't know or would like to get to know better.We as women are our own worse enemy. So my challenge for myself this week is to encourage a stranger or someone I havent spoken to in a while. Maybe you can join along and do the same? Happy Thursday Everyone :)

You can find Marietta on IG @mdiaz1208